ATHENS, 9 April 2017, 5pm at Plato's garden

Artists, thinkers, inventors, let´s have a gathering at Plato's garden in Athens.
Come and contribute with one of your most important questions, and suggest your answer within a 5 minutes speech.
Let´s discuss all contributions together.

As many know, the garden of Plato is said, to be the historic site of the worlds first (Temporary) Academy, lasting for about 300 years in its first period.
Please let us know about your contribution in advance by taking contact.

How to get there:
Find your way to «Monastiriou street» at «Akademias Platonos Square» about 3 km from the center of Athens. 

Continue Monastiriou street by walking another 10-15 min. and you will reach a park where you will find the excavation site of Plato's academy, next to the site of the ancient gymnasium.

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